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Inventory and pack out

Frequently when we do fire restorations we will recommend a pack out and Inventory List. This is a detailed list of every item we removed from your home after the fire with value amounts. If you are someone who collects a lot of stuff (see below) This list is very helpful when you file your contents claim.

Our Technicians will photograph, inventory, and catalog all items. Non-salvageable items will be identified and set aside for insurance inspection. The salvageable contents will be moved to our secure facility, where we will clean and deodorize them. Our content restoration services range from hand-cleaning of delicate items to Fireline ultrasonic cleaning to specialized restoration for electronics.

After all contents are fully cleaned, we will then re-pack contents with new packing materials and boxes. We will place the boxes and small furniture in secure storage vaults in a climate-controlled warehouse. Large furniture will be cleaned, wrapped, and moved to monitored storage racks.

People think of thier contents as furniture and electronics but when you start writing down every fork in the drawer or every item of clothing in your closet or your entire garage it adds up quick.