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Wood Texture Ceramic Tile Flooring

This was a great flooring job I wanted to share with some of you! This is a very popular product right now, it is a wood textured finish on ceramic tile. It offers the durability of ceramic tile with the rustic beauty of hardwood finish, plus innovations in dent and wear resistance to keep floors looking beautiful, even in the busiest homes.


Kitchen Renovation

One of the coolest things about being in the fire restoration business is when a family gets to install a new kitchen. This is the single most transforming renovation in a home. Styles and materials are constantly changing and people love to modernize their kitchen space.

Roof replacement

This project started as an attic fire that damaged about 80% of the roof structure. We removed and replaced the roofing materials, structural framing and all the ductwork in the attic space. Attic fires can be costly to repair because once fire touches the overhead mechanical or plumbing or the electrical it all must be replaced. All the walls had to be stripped to allow new electrical wiring and plumbing lines.