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Wood Texture Ceramic Tile Flooring

This was a great flooring job I wanted to share with some of you! This is a very popular product right now, it is a wood textured finish on ceramic tile. It offers the durability of ceramic tile with the rustic beauty of hardwood finish, plus innovations in dent and wear resistance to keep floors looking beautiful, even in the busiest homes.


Kitchen Renovation

One of the coolest things about being in the fire restoration business is when a family gets to install a new kitchen. This is the single most transforming renovation in a home. Styles and materials are constantly changing and people love to modernize their kitchen space.

Roof replacement

This project started as an attic fire that damaged about 80% of the roof structure. We removed and replaced the roofing materials, structural framing and all the ductwork in the attic space. Attic fires can be costly to repair because once fire touches the overhead mechanical or plumbing or the electrical it all must be replaced. All the walls had to be stripped to allow new electrical wiring and plumbing lines.

Ventura wildfires

This was our team at the Farmers Insurance meeting this weekend for the owners of homes burned down by the Thomas Wildfires in Ventura, Ca. We were invited to speak with homeowners about our previous experiences with the state of California taking over the asbestos testing in a natural disaster, filing expedited claims with your mortgage company and emergency temporary services.


Inventory and pack out

Frequently when we do fire restorations we will recommend a pack out and Inventory List. This is a detailed list of every item we removed from your home after the fire with value amounts. If you are someone who collects a lot of stuff (see below) This list is very helpful when you file your contents claim.

Our Technicians will photograph, inventory, and catalog all items. Non-salvageable items will be identified and set aside for insurance inspection. The salvageable contents will be moved to our secure facility, where we will clean and deodorize them. Our content restoration services range from hand-cleaning of delicate items to Fireline ultrasonic cleaning to specialized restoration for electronics.

After all contents are fully cleaned, we will then re-pack contents with new packing materials and boxes. We will place the boxes and small furniture in secure storage vaults in a climate-controlled warehouse. Large furniture will be cleaned, wrapped, and moved to monitored storage racks.

People think of thier contents as furniture and electronics but when you start writing down every fork in the drawer or every item of clothing in your closet or your entire garage it adds up quick.


Plans and permits

We have a full design team ready to get your reconstruction underway. In most cases the renovation requires a building permit, and permits require plans, so we will meet with you and our architect to create the new living space design. Once the design is approved by you, we will draw up blueprints, submit them to the local building dept. and secure the proper permits to begin demolition and construction.

Temporary services

Once you have had a home disaster you will want to limit your liability to any possible injury and restrict access to any unwanted “treasure hunters”. Legacy Building Inc. can set up any temporary services you need for your restoration including Security fencing, Portable toilets, Disposable bins, Roof tarping, Temporary power and more!


Catastrophe claims

This was a complete loss fire claim, or Catastrophe claim is the industry term. This type of claim is sometimes man made or some sort of natural disaster and usually means the home is just too damaged structurally to be fixable with a renovation so the structure has to be completely removed and then rebuilt from the foundation up.





Water damage claims

There are two common types of plumbing supply system failures. The first involves frozen pipes, which can burst due to a buildup in water pressure caused by freezing water in an adjacent section of pipe. These accounted for 18% of all plumbing supply system claims. The second and most common type of failure occurs when the supply system material fails and results in a leaking or bursting pipe. This type of failure represents two of every three plumbing supply system claims. According to The American Insurance Association water leaks in homes results in property loss amounting to over $10 billion a year annually. Legacy Building is ready to handle your water damage repairs no matter how big or small.

Kitchen options

We have assembled several kitchen project photos here to help you see the different options you have when picking out cabinet styles, door patterns, stain or painted finishes and countertops.

Dark stain with light granite countertops and built in range

Light oak with darker granite countertops

Full ceramic tile backsplash with accent and undermount sink

White shaker cabinets with light granite and subway tile backsplash

Oversized island countertops to provide seating

Snack bar seating




New built in tub

I always try to give people who have just had a house fire some positive news. They are about to have some new finishes in their house! This is a great bathroom tub renovation we just completed,  we installed a window mirror, some wood textured tile at the floor and deck to accent the whirlpool tub and a stained birch tub enclosure. Built in tubs are classic and a great way to upgrade your home.

New Entry Doors

Custom wood entry doors are a great way to complement the character of your home and those who live inside. The clean simple designs and traditional fir graining provide a beauty and durability that will last for years to come.We installed this door and sidelights for a customer who originally had a single front door but wanted to open up their front entrance. This is a great idea for your home if you have limited space at your entry. Our carpenter’s have the experience and craftsmanship required for this type of project.


Stamped concrete

This was a fire restoration claim and the customer paid us to add this beautiful wood stamped concrete patio. A colored and stamped concrete patio is the perfect decorative “flooring” for outdoor entertaining areas, offering all the beauty of an indoor floor along with the superior durability and weather resistance of concrete. More homeowners are also realizing that a stamped concrete patio can give them the high-end look of natural stone, but at a much lower price tag.


Wood Laminate flooring

This was a water damage claim were we replaced the wood laminate flooring and added a great tile entry feature. There are so many great styles, sizes, patterns and colors of wood laminate flooring to choose from these days to create a unique room or a whole house flow. Our flooring pro’s will provide a professional installation with quality materials.


Smoke odor control

This is one of our painters spraying a shellac coating over blackened framing members in an attic space to remove the burnt odor before we install the roofing, insulation & drywall.