Legacy Building, Inc.




New patio door

A great way to update the look of your home is to install some new windows and doors. This was a fire restoration claim were we cut back the original stucco and added new vinyl windows and a patio door, then patched back the base stucco and applied new stucco re-coat to the entire house.



Custom fireplace

This was a kitchen fire renovation were the customer asked us to create this custom see thru fireplace with granite surfaces that matches the kitchen countertops and a milled wooden hearth.

This project required some ingenuity, to start with the existing conditions (see below) and restore them to a modern living space (above).



New garage door

This was a garage fire restoration we recently completed, The fire damage was in the attic space so we had to remove and replace the roofing, rafters & ceiling joists, including the beam over the garage door (see below). After we got the roof back on we painted the new eaves and fascia and applied new stucco at the garage exterior (burnt surfaces) and installed a new man door and garage door. The garage door selection was the key for this project. You’d be surprised how much a new sectional door can dress up your home. They have so many choices for window designs now it can really improve your curb appeal.



Revise your wall layout

Sometimes in a renovation the homeowner wants to redesign the wall layout, it’s a great time to make some new adjustments you have often thought about. This was a fire claim were we had limited space in these small rooms so we removed a couple walls around the kitchen to open up this area into a grand room. Once we removed the walls, we had to install an engineered beam in the ceiling to carry the weight of the ceiling joists. Our design team can include these modifications in your project on request.



Porch upgrade

Sometimes we have to be creative on these renovations when the older existing design requires a more modern feature. We removed this old aluminum canopy and framed a new porch ceiling over the entry, then added a lace texture to the new stucco re-coat to create a great spot for lounging and socializing.



Modernize your exterior

Everyone is looking to improve their curb appeal, we removed the old wood windows from this 1960 built house in Bakersfield, Ca. and installed new high energy vinyl windows. The original window openings had to be modified to the accommodate the modern window sizes. After the windows went in we applied new stucco color coat with a lace textured pattern to update the finish.